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Sunday, June 23, 2013

My First Vegetable and Beef Soup Dish

I cooked my first Vegetable Beef Soup dish yesterday. Ever since (about 7 months ago) when my wife was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, I was forced to help in the kitchen. I have never cooked in my life before my first dish, a Filipino Chicken Vegetable soup (Tinola) that I described in my blogs about a month ago. Today, I enjoy cooking and am learning a few cooking tips everyday.

Yesterday, I cooked my first Vegetable Beef soup dish. I purchased 1.5 lbs beef shank, 2 lbs soup bones and ½ lbs of beef stew meat. After washing the meat, I placed it in a boiling crock pot containing about 12 cups of water. I added salt and garlic powder and one sliced onion. I continued the boiling until the meat was soft. I added 1 lb peeled taro roots cubes ( gabi roots in Philippines), then ½ lbs of washed fresh green beans cut about 6 inches. I continue the boiling until the taro roots were cooked then add one sliced green pepper and two hot sliced jalopenos ( seeds removed). The Jalopenos will give the soup a spicy taste. Omit the jalopenos, if you do not want a spicy flavor.

When all the vegetables were cooked, I added 10 bok choy stalks( washed) and simmer the pot for another 5 minutes. Add additional salt and pepper to suit your taste. Served with steam rice. Bon Apetit!

Note: If the soup is not salty enough to your taste, add patis ( fish sauce). In my case, I add hot pecante sauce, since I love hot and spicy dishes. The two jalopenos above did give the soup a spicy taste, but not spicy enough for those who love hot and spicy dishes. If taro roots are not available in your area, you may substitute it with potato cubes.

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