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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

David B Katague: Trailblazer in Chemistry

The following is an excerpt from the article published in Sulo Newsletter, Vol.8, No.1 dated January 7, 2003. Sulo is the official newsletter of PAASE ( Philippine-American Academy of Science & Engineering). David has been a member of PAASE since 1965.

David is the oldest of seven children of Dr. and Mrs. David Jamili Katague, Sr of Barotac Viejo, Iloilo. Even before he went to grade school, he had dreams of coming to US, since he had a lot of contact with American GI who were dental patients of his father in the US-Filipino army during World War II. In 1951, he graduated valedictorian of his high school class.

He enrolled at the University of the Philippines Iloilo College (UPIC) in Iloilo City. During his two years at UPIC, he was a recipient of several scholarships, such as the Fernando Lopez,university and college scholarships. In 1955, he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry in UP Diliman, Q.C. at top 1% of his class. The next year, he passed the board examination for Chemists coping 3rd place nationwide. He was appointed instructor in Chemistry and taught chemistry for three years in his Alma Mater before pursuing graduate degrees to the US. In 1957, he married Macrine Nieva Jambalos of Boac, Marinduque. In 1962 he obtained his Master of Science degree followed by his Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

The following are the highlights of David and Macrine's involvement in US and Philippines from 1964 to the present:

1964-1969: The Kansas City, Missouri Years

* Employed as chemist by Chemagro Corporation(Bayer). His work on pesticide residue research resulted in four scientific publications.
* The Kansas City Roman Catholic Diocese appointed David to the Social Action Commission dealing with racial prejudice and other social issues.
* David and Macrine organized and lead the first ecumenical ( interfaith) group of the Christian Family Movement (CFM) in the KC Diocese.

1969-1974: The Modesto, California Years

* Employed as Research Chemist by Shell Development Company. His work resulted in two
scientific publications as well as numerous in house reports on analytical method development of pesticide residues
* David and Macrine founded the " Mabuhay Club" - the first Filipino-American organization in Stanislaus County involved in social, educational, and cultural projects. They served as the first president couple with twenty original members. Today the organization has more than 300 members.
* In 1972, David and Macrine became US citizens
* In 1972, David was listed in the 12th Edition of American Men and Women of Science for his expertise on pesticide residue method development and regulation

1974-1990: The Pinole, California Years

* Employed as Principal Research Chemist by Stauffer Chemical Company( ICI), 1974-1986. This position was the highest technical position ( without supervisory duties) attainable in the company
* In 1986-1990, David was employed by Chevron Chemical Company as Senior Research Chemist supervising three junior chemists and technicians.
* In 1986, David participated in the TOKTEN(Transfer of knowledge through Expatriate Nationals) Program at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Q.C.
* David donated technical books and journals worth more than $1,500.00 to the UP Chemistry Library, through the Commission on Filipinos Overseas. A letter of thanks from Alfredo Perdon, Executive Director of CFO dated May 23, 1990 states " Your donation is a manifestation of the willingness of Filipino overseas to be actively involved in the development efforts of the country. Such participation through the commission " Lingkod Sa Kapwa Pilipino Program or LINKAPIL serves to strengthen the linkages between Filipino overseas and their countrymen". A LINKAPIL Certificate of Appreciation was attached along with picture of the turnover ceremony at the UP library.
* David served as President of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association
(UPAA), Berkeley Chapter for two years. Some of the projects during his term were cultural( music/dance) and educational ( Kulintang-Mindanao Art Exhibits).
* In 1980, David obtained his Master's Certificate in Business Management at UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
* In 1976, David was listed in Who's Who in the West, 15th Edition
* In 1981, David was listed in Who's Who in Technology Today, 2nd Edition
* In 1982, David was listed in the Chemistry Section of "Experts and Consultants in the United States

1990-2002: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Years

* In 1990, David was hired by FDA as a review chemist in the Office of New Drug Chemistry, CDER in the Division of Anti-Infective Drug Products
* In 1993, he was promoted to Expert GS-14 with expertise in anti-malarial, anti-parasitic and systemic anti-fungal drug products
* In 1997, he was promoted again to chemistry team leader, supervising the work of five reviewers. He is the first Filipino-American to achieve this position in FDA/CDER. As team leader, he was responsible for prioritizing, assigning and assuring the technical accuracy of all of chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) issues for all new drug applications submitted to the Division of Anti-Infective Drugs. He has received numerous awards for outstanding performance, initiative, leadership and communication skills as well as commendation for teamwork and excellence in the accomplishment of FDA mission.
* In 1998, David was awarded the EEO ( Equal Employment Opportunity)plaque. The citation reads, " For outstanding accomplishments in fostering the objectives of EEO by hiring minorities and encouraging their professional growth while providing excellent leadership".
* David facilitated the donation of $20,000.00 to UP. He suggested to his classmate, Mrs Ofelia Umali-Barretto, to sponsor a Professional Chair In Chemistry( see Chemistry Alumni Newsletter dated April 20, 1997 )
* In 1995, he was elected to the United States Pharmacopeia(USP) Council of Experts, Division of Standards, Antibiotics and Natural Products. As an elected member, he was responsible for establishing standards of identity, safety, quality, purity of drug substances and drug products as well as in-vitro and diagnostic products, dietary supplements and related articles used in health care. David is the first Filipino-American elected to the USP Council of Experts since its inception in 1820. In March, 2000 David was reelected to serve another 5 year term to end in 2005.
* In July, 1998, David received an outstanding Filipino-American Senoir Citizen Award in Chemistry, Science and Research. The Philippine Centennial Festival Committee of the Philippine American Foundation of Charities, Washington, DC presented the award
*The next year he was nominated by the Philippine Embassy, Washington, DC for the "PAMANA NG PILIPINO " award in Chemistry . David is a trailblazer in Chemistry and Drug Regulation. He is the first Filipino-American to attain the position of Team Leader and Expert in FDA as well as the first Filipino-American to be elected to the USP/Council of Experts. His drive and energy to succeed is a representation of the Filipino people's talent and passion for excellence. He has shown that Filipinos can contribute significantly to the advancement of science, thus making the world a better and safer place by insuring that only safe and better quality drugs are approved and marketed in the US.

* Retirement Years: 2002 and Beyond

David retired from FDA on October 31, 2002. David is a model husband, father and grandfather. David and Macrine have four children, all professionals residing in California. They have six grandchildren. Since retirement, they have built a retirement home in the Philippines. In the property, they also have built a beach house and conference hall, now open to the public
( . They have also been busy managing and participating with the Medical Missions to the province of Marinduque ( They spend 6 months here in California and six months in the Philippines. The article "Joy of Retirement" in this blog is a summary of their current life and activities.

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