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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hundred Island Marine National Park, Alaminos City, Pangasinan

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One of the many scenic spots, I want to visit in the Philippines in the near future is the Hundred Island National Park in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. Attached below is a video made by the city.

An excerpt from the article about the park by Dave Ryan Buaron of Tourism Paradise Philippines is as follows.

The Hundred Islands National Park collectively comprises these 123 limestone islands most of which are clad in lush vegetation, secret coves, strips of white sandy beaches and sand bars as well as giant clams snorkeling areas amidst largely tranquil waters with gorgeous views of the South China Sea – another 123 reasons to discover the Philippines.

Just off the coast of Alaminos City, Pangasinan (4-6 Hours North of Manila) are these 123 (124 during low tide) mushroom-shaped limestone and coral islands that compose the wonderful Hundred Islands National Park. Along with the Chocolate Hills of Bohol and Taal Volcano of Batangas- the Hundred Islands National Park also known as Kapulo-puluan or Taytay-Bakes, is considered as one of the National Geological Monuments of the Philippines.

The Hundred Islands National Park is believed to be at least about 2 million years old – the islands were part of an ancient coral area that extends well inland, a large area that used to be part an ancient sea. When the sea levels lowered, the islands were exposed, whilst hundreds of thousands of years slowly eroded the base of these islands invariably forming mushroom/umbrella shapes in the middle of stunning emerald waters.

Out of the many islands, only three were developed for tourism – the most well developed is Quezon Island (which is actually composed of three islets) which includes 2 dining pavilions, a grilling area, restrooms, nipa huts, a small white sandbar, and a giant clam garden. Quezon Island was named after the former Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon, whose statue we saw on one of the islets.) Quezon Island is probably one of the most visited in the National Park. You should also be able to rent kayaks as well on Quezon Island – snacks are available as well though as expected, a bit overpriced – though people are not pushy. We found some of the inhabitants on the island very friendly- and they humbly offered us some boiled bananas! Yum!

Rates on Quezon Island are as follows (subject to change without prior notice): Cottage without room (Nipa 1,2,3) –PhP 350 (day tour)/PhP 500 (overnight stay); Cottage without room (Nipa 4) –PhP 500 (day tour)/PhP 1000 (overnight); Cottage with room (Nipa A)- PhP 500 (day tour)/PhP 900 (overnight); Cottage with room (Nipa B) – PhP 600 (day tour)/PhP1,100 (overnight); and Picnic Tables & Picnic Area – PhP 200 (day tour); PhP 300 (overnight). For tent space/ pitching fee – PhP 200.

These rates are of course on top of the entrance fees –PhP 20 (day tour)/ PhP 40 (overnight). Kids 5 years old below can come in for free and there is a 20% discount for Senior Citizens.

Hopefully in the near future, I will have a chance to visit this national park in Luzon. Here is the video. Enjoy!

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