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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last Day of Medical Mission, Torrijos, Marinduque

Statistical Team in Action with High School Students at the Marinduque National High School
Yesterday, was the 6th and last day of MI, Inc Medical Mission of Love in Marinduque. Talking to the nurses AND SURGEONS at the provincial hospital, they approximated THAT about 250 minor surgeries and about 25 major surgeries had been performed by our three surgeons in five days. In addition, the ophthalmic team headed by Dr Raymond Sulit had performed about 25 surgeries.

The total patients seen in the six towns is about 6000. This number is an estimate. The correct and exact number will be released by the Statistical Team, headed by Marita Jao and ably assisted by Lito Quiazon and David E. Katague. The team were also assisted by 45 high school students( data entry). The students worked up to almost midnight last night to complete data entry of the patients seen in Torrijos as well as the medications prescribed. At the end of the day in Torrijos, most of the leftover drugs ( non-prescription) were just distributed to more than 200 patients that were still waiting in line to see a doctor without any paper work. Thus this number will not be reflected in the statistical report that the statistical team will submit to MI, Inc.

Most of our physicians and dentists had already gone back to US. Some of our missioners got sick due to our hectic schedule. There was no day of rest as in previous missions. As usual food and merienda were in abundance. Our lunch was donated by the Mayor of Torrijos, Gil Briones. The meriendas were donated by three families with relatives residing in the US.

Our dinner was sponsored by our young and handsome Congressman Allan Lord Velasco at his beach resort in Poctoy, Torrijos. After a delicious buffet, the congressman had photographic sessions with all the missioners. There was a short dancing session with a live band and a couple of singers. I heard that this is the same band and duo singers that also performed at the Bellarocca Resort-next in our schedule. Photos of this last day are in my FB account. Watch out for my pictures of our Valentine and Dinner Dance to be held this evening in this resort. I am writing this blog in the Computer Room of this 5 star resort. The missioners were all tired but deep in their hearts they are happy for they have touch the lives of their poor Kababayans here in Marinduque. As my favorite saying states: THE TIME YOU HAVE TOUCHED THE LIVES OF OTHERS IS THE TIME THAT YOU HAVE REALLY LIVED.

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