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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It is Deja Vu at the Katague Household

Our Six Grandchild, Christmas, 2011

It is deja vu time at the Katague household. My mind flashes back about 35 years ago, when our oldest son was a student at UC Berkeley. The University of California in Berkeley was only about 30 minutes from our residence at that time. Our son would come home every other weekend to do his laundry and raid our food pantry and refrigerator. My wife does not mind it if our son will just informed us what items he is taking to his coop House( the Cloyne Court) that week, so she could replenish our supply. However, sometimes, our son forgets to inform us what food items he took. My wife will just later realized it was gone. My wife gets upset and it was time to give our son another lecture on how to continue communicating with us.

The raiding of our food pantry by our oldest son stopped after he went to Law school. This time the school was about an hour drive from us and he was busy with his homework even on weekends. However when our oldest daughter went to college, the raiding of our food pantry on weekends resumed. This ended when she moved to an apartment with a couple of her girl friends. The next year our youngest son went to College at UC Davis. He stayed at the Frat House and seldom returns home to do his laundry, so the raiding of our food pantry stopped. The raiding of our food pantry resumed when our youngest daughter went to UC Berkeley. However this was not that often since our daughter was staying in the dorm and because of her involvement with Cheer Leading, she seldom goes home on weekends. However on several occasions, she invited a dozen of her football friends to have a typical Filipino Feast in our House. My wife was very happy to cook for her college friends from UC Berkeley, mostly football players and cheer leaders.

Yesterday, after 35 years of hiatus, the raiding of our refrigerator and food pantry resumed. Our oldest grandson who is now in college ( Sacramento State University) visited us to do his laundry. The university is only about 20 minutes from our residence. We invited him and his mother( our oldest daughter) who was helping him settled in his dorm for dinner. My wife cooked an two additional Cornish Hens for him to take back to his dorm.

This episode in the Katague household tells us time is passing by pretty fast. Our grandson is now 21 years old. In a couple of years, he will be graduating from college. Then maybe he will get married ( he has a steady girlfriend already) and gave us our first great grand child. We hope my wife and I are still healthy and have a clear mind when that time comes. For now it is deja vu time on the raiding of our food pantry and refrigerator.

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