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Monday, July 9, 2012

Relocating to the Philippines in the Future?

Sunset over Marinduque Island

Do you have plans on moving to the Philippines in the near future? If so, have you done your preliminary work, research and preparations for the move? Have you decided on a location? Have you contacted or have talked to a local person or for that matter do you have a friend ( boy or girl )or a local contact in the location you have decided to move? Is your expectation of the place matched your prior research of the town or city you are moving into?. Have you find a place to rent? Are your papers and finances in order? Is moving to the Philippines, your dream in life?

My advice to you is only three words: Location, Location, Location. This is the same advice most of us will hear when we purchased a new home anywhere in the world. Also, remember moving is one of the most important life changing event of your life. It will be as stressful as getting married, divorced or experiencing a death in your immediately family.

There are several websites, and electronic and regular books, dedicated to Americans planning to move to the Philippines either short or long term. I know of excellent websites if you want to move to Cebu, Davao or Iloilo. If you are interested let me knew via comments on this posting. I suggest that you plan ahead at least one year prior to your actual move. Here are ten important items to remember once you have arrived in the Philippines.

Item 1 – Learn to live like a Native quickly. The faster you forget you are a Kano, an aussie, a pom or a foreigner the happier you will be.

Item 2 – Learn how to eat like a Native Filipino, but select healthy foods, eat plenty of fruits , vegetables and seafood. In most areas of the Philippines, fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant and cheap.

Item 3 – Choose your friends and your woman or man wisely. Assimilate with the locals and learn a few words of the dialect as soon as you can. If you want to stay long term, I suggest you learn the local dialect.

. Item 4- Develop a hobby ( blogging/writing), and an exersize program ( daily walks etc..) to avoid boredom.

Item 5- Budget, and spend your money wisely. Do not flash your cash. Theft is still common in the Philippines.

Item 6 –Remember the three words- Location, Location, Location. Your choice of residence will determine how happy you will be, you can bet on this.

Item 7 – Stay away from the local politics and gossips, but joined a local group involved in charitable projects.

Item 8 – Invest on the best air conditioning unit( assuming your apartment/house do not have one ).

Item 9 - When You Talk Keep Your Ears Open. Don’t talk too loud, you never know whose listening. Do not act like the Ugly American.

Last but not least, Item 10- Have Fun, and Enjoy your stay in the Philippines. If you have the money try to travel to the provinces especially to my island province of Marinduque (

Constant Irritations:Continues crowing of the roosters, barking dogs, wild cats, traffic, ants, flies, mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches and the humid and hot summer season. In addition pollution in big cities and frequent brown outs in Iloilo and Marinduque and other provinces. Sometimes water availability in the summer months is limited in some areas.

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