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There are hundreds of tourists attractions in the Philippines. But as a lover of the Island of Marinduque (Home of the Morions and Heart of the Philippines), I am indeed partial to its beauty, charm and its friendly and hospitable residents. Therefore, help me achieve my dream of seeing this island becomes a world tourist destination, by telling all your friends and relatives about this site. Welcome, to you all, new readers and faithful followers of this site! The photo above is Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos, Marinduque with beautiful and majestic Mt Malindig in the background. Some of the photos and videos on this site, I do not own. However, I have no intention on infringing your copyrights. Please do not forget to read the latest National and International news in the right side bar of this blog!

Friday, May 4, 2012

My Top 15 Popular Posts

I started blogging in the summer of 2009. At present I have 8 blogs and have written more than 3000 articles. The topics ranges from my love for Marinduque, my autobiography, my life experiences in the US and in the Philippines since 1960, travels and the highs and lows of my professional career as a chemist for for four private companies and as a Chemistry team Leader for the US Food and Drug Administration. I have written on almost all subjects except politics and religion. The following are my top 15 articles, date of posting, number of page views and subject of the article. Title Posting, Date, # of Page Views , (Subject) 1. Death Valley National Park 12/1/10 13,620 (vacation and travel) 2. Chapter 4 , My College Years 5/9/09 11,572 ( college memoirs, oblation run PHOTO) 3. Have You Eaten a Durian? 9/12/10 10,376 (fruit and gardening) 4. Singkil and Tinikling 5/20/09 7,407 (Philippines folk dances) 5. Everglades National Park 1/11/11 7,151 ( national park and travel) 6. Boracay and the Regency Hotel 1/16/11 6,892 (beach resort and vacation) 7. El Nido, Lagen Island, Palawan 11/23/10 5,002 (travel and beach resort) 8. Memories of Japanese-American War 5/9/09 4,981 (autobiography, war memories) 9. Bellarocca Island Resort 5/20/09 4,893 (travel and vacation) 10. Cloyne Court, Chapters 10,19 & 20 9/2/09 4,082 (book on student life in UC in the 1970's) 11. Japanese-American War in the PHL 10/10/10 3,879 (history, WW II) 12. Vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico 11/16/10 3,710 (travel and vacation) 13. I love Sunsets. How about You? 7/23/10 3,684 ( photography) 14. Cancun Mexico and the Mayan Ruins 11/15/10 3,208 (travel and vacation) 15. Acadia National Park, Maine 12/28/10 3,174 (national park and travel) In the next few days, these top 15 post will be reposted in my blogs with current updates. Watch for it!

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