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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do you have a High Internet Presence?

Part of the David J Katague Clan with their wives and husband, Jaro, Iloilo, Philippines

Have you googled yourself lately? In my case, if I searched for the word “Katague”, my surname, the first two pages will be about my daughter, Ditas, my nephew from Australia with the same name as myself, my oldest son Dodie and his book, Cloyne Court and myself with my twelve blogs, my dozens of scientific publications and my autobiography.

If I searched for “David Katague”, I will get the same hits, but with my blogs in the first page along with my nephew's website. Please note that there are three David Katague's in the Internet: myself, my nephew from Australia and my son David E in the US.

My nephew, Dave Katague is a Sydney based photographer, motionographer, designer and cinematographer. He has a website, His Internet presence is very high.

My son David E. had only a couple of publications, so his internet presence is very low.

My daughter Ditas had been employed in several California state agencies and in the governor's office, for the last ten years so her internet presence is very high, indeed.

My oldest son Dodie, is a prosecuting attorney and a writer, so his internet presence is also high.

As for myself, I believe my Internet presence is also high. Besides my 12 blogs and over 900 articles, I have several scientific publications in the field of pesticide residues, food and drug regulations.

There are several other Katagues in the Internet. For example, Stephanie Katague- my niece from Australia has an article in food preparation, my daughter, Dinah is getting published because of her art work and pottery and my wife Macrine Jambalos Katague name is in the Web because of her involvement with the medical mission in the Philippines. My brother, Efren from Australia is in the Internet because of his consulting business in the field of computers. My sister-in-law, Lourdes Katague, is in the Internet, because of her work in the field of library science in Sydney, Australia.

There are more than a hundred FaceBook (FB) users with the Katague surname and several hundreds more with the Catague surname. Their names are certainly in the Web.

So, do you have an Internet presence? If you are a Facebook user, your profile is in the Internet. If you have any article published during the last five years, I am sure your Internet presence is high.

Is there any advantage or disadvantage if your Internet presence is high? I do not know the answer, but if you have any opinion on this subject, please share via the comment section of this posting. I know however, that if you have a business or a product to sell, a high Internet presence is good and an advantage.

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