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There are hundreds of tourists attractions in the Philippines. But as a lover of the Island of Marinduque (Home of the Morions and Heart of the Philippines), I am indeed partial to its beauty, charm and its friendly and hospitable residents. Therefore, help me achieve my dream of seeing this island becomes a world tourist destination, by telling all your friends and relatives about this site. Welcome, to you all, new readers and faithful followers of this site! The photo above is Poctoy White Beach in Torrijos, Marinduque with beautiful and majestic Mt Malindig in the background. Some of the photos and videos on this site, I do not own. However, I have no intention on infringing your copyrights. Please do not forget to read the latest National and International news in the right side bar of this blog!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Marinduque-A Gardener's Paradise

As an avid gardener, I found the climate of Marinduque ideal for growing not only orchids, hibiscus and bougainvillas but also euphorbias, cacti, succulents, plumerias and Ylang Ylang trees. Most of the above plants are easy to grow and almost pest-free except for the two varieties of hibiscus ( white and yellow). The top photo is my favorite orchid, a blue orchid called "The Princess Mikasa".
The middle photo is my Ylang Ylang flowers. The bottom photo is my favorite hibiscus, a canary-yellow(light orange) variety. If you need additional information on the culture of the above plants, please let me know.

My collection of orchids and hibiscus is posted on my blog

My collection of euphorbias and cacti is posted on my blog

My collection of bougainvillas is posted on my blog

Do I do all the gardening by myself? The answer is no, I do "gardening by mouth", since I have one full time gardener and one temporary worker on as "needed basis" maintain the landscaping for the five acres of beach resort property. I bet you are envious! I do not blame you for feeling that way. Enjoy the flowers! Cheers! Have a Good Day to You ALL! May 2012 be a productive year to you, also!


Anonymous said...

You have such beautiful flowers and orchids. You must have a good green thumb. I must have a black thumb, everything I plant or grow eventually dies except for the hardy plants and plastic flowers.
Do you have any wise tips for the gardening challenged individuals. I hope you have a magnificent day.

Sarah Little

David B Katague said...

Hi Sarah, thank you for dropping by. Everybody should be able to grow plants and flowers, as long as the right conditions exist. These are climate, soil, plant fertilizers and patience. Most people over water, too much or too little sunlight and the proper temperature. It is harder to grow flowers here in US except during spring, summer and Fall. But you can have a beautiful garden all year round in the Philippines, specifically in Marinduque. Have a Good Day, Sarah!

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