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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Mother's Adventure

Todays article is a guest posting from my sister-in-law, Lourdes Katague. She resides in Sydney, Australia, a mother of four and aslo a career woman.

When life is lived to the fullest each moment is never the same.

Each task, role adventure, coming to a new country becomes an education and a journey.

Respect the culture and preserve the culture of our new home.

Live, enjoy each moment.

Easy to say but is a challenge to do or is it?

Raise the children, take them to school, pick them up, do the housework, cook, clean and go to work.

In ones younger years life just flows and mother’s are not allowed to get sick, with all the responsibilities afforded her. Mum needs work outside the home to socialize and earn pocket money for children’s extra curricular activities such as ballet, gymnastics, piano and drawing.

Without support from the extended family mum becomes creative through ferocious curiosity.

Challenges turn into great opportunities, grab them and nurture it into greatness.

It is pleasurable to share with our children the beauty and greatness of the universe through unselfish sharing of opportunities and watch them enjoy what they love doing particularly in this highly competitive world.

Everyone needs to become a master of their craft to be recognised as such. Then, the “who knows you principle works”. It is no longer, go to college or university and get a job and buy a house.

In today’s world the emphasis is on the wholeness of the individual, live, work, play, travel and create a meaningful existence.

Grandchildren appear as gifts from God that adds to the fulfilment of life’s purpose.

Join people that appreciates you as who you are, is the best experience anyone can aspire for. Hang out with like minds that build you up, and you will believe in yourself and achieve great things. Once the seed grows, they can be shared with other people, who in turn help others and this will be a wonderful world to live in. This is what a mum’s adventure.

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