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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Top Ten Traits of A True-Blooded Filipino

Mano Po^-a unique Filipino Trait showing respect to the Old!( Probably no longer practice by the New Generation of Filipinos), but very popular in my Generation.

I found the following list of unique Filipino traits from a blog of a Filipina-American just recently ( I found it amusing and interesting and appears I can identify to most of them, in spite of the long number of years that my wife and I have resided in US( since 1960). Here's the top ten:

You are a true Filipino if:( My comments are in parenthesis)

1.You have an accent even if you speak fluent English. Your accent reflects the intonation of your local dialect in Philippines.( I still have an Ilonggo accent).

2.You are religious and a Roman Catholic and go to mass every Sunday. (My wife and I have been practicing this in US since 1960).

3.You love rice and eat it for lunch and dinner.( My sister-in-law did this during her first 6 months in US. We only eat rice on dinner time).

4.You oftentimes interchange the pronouns “he” and “she”, as well as “her” and “his” in sentences.( I am still guilty of this).

5.You use the umbrella in the summer to ward off the sun. ( My wife do this in Marinduque, but not here in Northern California).

6.You eat your food with spoon and fork, but mostly eat with your fingers.(Not anymore, except during picnic times).

7.You try not to get fat because your relatives in Philippines will criticize you
( my sister follow this strictly).

8.You tend to grocery shop more in Filipino or Asian stores than in American supermarkets.( We used to do this during our first year in US).

9.You ask someone to “open” or “close” the light instead of asking to turn it “on” or “off”. The same thing goes for computer or the faucet. (I still do this today).

10.You eat pancit with rice or bread with spaghetti. When asked why you eat two sets of carbs in one meal, you just shrug your shoulders and act like it’s no big deal.
( We do not do this anymore).

If you find yourself agreeing to most of the statements above, you are a true-blooded Filipino indeed! If none of the above applies to you, even if you have Filipino roots or ancestry, you must probably have not lived in the Philippines.

Do you know of other unique Filipino characteristics? Please share by commenting in this blog. Thank You!

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