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Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's go to the Spa and Casino in French Lick, Indiana!

The first time I heard of French Lick, Indiana was from a comment of one of my readers in my blog about the town called Intercourse, Pennsylvania, the other day. I was curious of how the town gets its name so I google searched and here's what I found.
French Lick is a town in French Lick Township, Orange County, Indiana. The population was 1,807 at the 2010 census. In early 2006 the French Lick Resort Casino, the state's tenth casino in the modern legalized era, opened drawing national attention to the small town.

French Lick was originally a French trading post built near a spring and salt lick. A fortified ranger post was established near the springs in 1811. On Johnson's 1837 map of Indiana, the community was known as Salt Spring. The town was founded in 1857.

The sulfur springs were commercially exploited for medical benefits starting in 1840 By the later half of the 19th century, French Lick was famous in the United States as a spa town. In the early 20th century it also featured casinos attracting celebrities like boxer Joe Louis, composer Irving Berlin and gangster Al Capone.

In 1943, the Chicago Cubs held Spring Training camp in French Lick. In order to conserve rail transport during World War II, the 1943 Spring Training was limited to an area east of the Mississippi River and north of the Ohio River.

The French Lick Resort Casino was the focal point of most of the entertainment; the hotel remained open well after the casinos were closed down and the heyday of the town was well past. The resort closed for renovation in 2005.

Pluto Water, a best selling laxative of the first half of the 20th century, was bottled here. It was also home to a large 7-Up bottling facility, which ceased operation in the mid-20th century.

Franklin D. Roosevelt announced his intention to run for president at a National Governors' Convention held at the French Lick Springs Hotel.

The town has been best known for being the hometown of NBA great Larry Bird ever since his professional basketball career took off. In his later basketball career, Bird was given the nickname "the Hick from French Lick". French Lick is also the hometown of former Sacramento Kings head coach Jerry Reynolds, who currently works as the team's color commentator on its television broadcasts and is the Kings' director of player personnel.

Here's a video of the French Lick Spring Hotel and Casino for your information.

Note: This is Post #2 in a series of articles that I plan on writing regarding unusual or delightfully named towns or places in the United States. My first posting was Intercourse, Pennsylvania, an Amish Town in Lancaster County, PA.

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