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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Beautiful ( NOT UGLY) American in the Philippines

Map of Marinduque-Heart of the Philippines

This is a true story. This incident happened while I was checking out from our hotel in Makati City ( Somerset Olympia) last April 10. Prior to checking out, I was surprise to learn that my VISA credit card had been frozen due to more than 4 months of inactivity. Thus, I was prepared to pay cash. The cashier informed me of my bill ( P15,000 and P7.50) for the four days. She then asked if I have 2.50 pesos in change so she could give me back P10 after I gave her 15 of 1000 pesos denomination. I look around if my wife is near, but she was out of the office, enjoying her cigarettes. I glanced by my side and saw a white middle-age man also checking out. All of a sudden, he gave the clerk 2.50 pesos and gave me smile. I was a little bit embarrassed, but manage to say thank you. I asked then if he is an American. He said, yes. I told him I am also an American, but spends six months in Marinduque and six months in Northern California every year, enjoying the snow bird lifestyle. We then exchanged business cards. This American is about 35 years old and a sales manager of radiology equipments with an American company in Salt Lake City, Utah. His wife and family had been on vacation in the Philippines for a week. However, his family decided to stay a couple more days, but he is flying home by himself to US that afternoon for business reasons. When he saw my business card, he ask where and what is in Marinduque. I have to give him the standard answer, I gave to all non-Filipinos.( I have a different answer if a Filipino ask me where is Marinduque). In addition, I told him that anytime he wants to visit Marinduque, he gets a free one night stay ( worth P2500) at the beach house (Chateau Du Mer). He was excited and said that the next time he will be in the Philippines, he will go to Marinduque. The 2.50 pesos he gave me is worth only about 0.06 cents, but it is his kind and friendly action that counts. Hopefully, I will have another client at Chateau Du Mer, soon. Indeed a beautiful American!

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