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Monday, June 1, 2009

Mail -Order Bride from PI. Are Filipinos Over Sensitive?

Baldwin wants a Mail Order Bride from Philippines

Recently, Alec Baldwin commented he wants a mail order bride from Philippines or Russia. He meant it as a joke, but it created a lot of uproar and anger in the Philippines. Filipinos are indeed very super sensitive people and the Philippines is a very sensitive nation. Personally, I am not offended, since Baldwin I believe meant it as a joke. I even think it is a compliment to Filipino women to be desired by an aging actor ( he will be 51 years old when he commented on David Letterman show). The fact that a good looking American actor desires the comfort of a Filipina in his aging years is compliment to the caring and loving prowess and reputation of our Filipino women.

Another case illustrating how super sensitive Filipinos are, was the comment of a Hongkong journalist stating that the Philippines is a nation of Maids. He really meant it as a joke. But the reaction of the Philippine government to label him as person non-grata and forbids him to visit the Philippines unless he apologized was an over reaction. Personally again, I took it as a joke, since I believe it is not really true. Perhaps, the world perceive the Philippines as a nation of workers because of our OFW situation. However to me, the Philippines is actually a nation of College Graduates. Whether they have jobs or not is another story.

The third case that created a lot of uproar and anger was the episode on one of my favorite TV show : “The Desperate Housewives”. A comment from one of the housewives ( Susan) implied that the training and quality of the medical education in the Philippines is inferior compared to training of doctors who finished in the US. I happened to watch that episode, but instead of getting upset, I just laugh so hard. Again there was an over reaction in the Philippines, calling for a ban of the show and asking for ABC to apologize. I knew this implication is not correct. I have numerous friends who graduated and obtained their medical degree from the University of the Philippines ( my alma mater ) and the University of Santo Tomas. They are as good if not better than medical graduates here in the United States.

I believe, if you believe in yourself or has a high self- esteem , the incidents above should not bother you. They above incidents to me are all meant as a joke. If we can not laugh at our selves once in a while, then we do not deserved to be respected by others. But the Philippines is still a nation with low self-esteem, so that the slightest negative comments from others, the nation overreacts.

What do you think?

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