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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween- Tabi' Po Nono'

My Pangga ( beloved) Carenna Katague Thompson

Goblins( Nono),Ghosts and Witches

Recently, I was reading the Philippine Inquirer on line. An article and video clips regarding the evil possessions of 27 students in an Oriental Mindoro school attracted my attention. You could see the haunted look in the eyes of students "possessed". The authorities have called a local priest to exorcise the evil spirits, but the phenomena has not stopped. They are also planning to call the health authorities, to see if there is a health related explanation. An update of this paranormal incident was published in the Oct 30 issue of the Philippine Inquirer. Their explanation was "mass hysteria".

This news reminds me of Marinduque's local beliefs of the existence of Nono ( goblins) in the area. There are also stories about ghosts( white lady apparition) and witches. I know that in Iloilo, there is one town there that is supposed to be a lot of witches. However, there is no proof, this is true. In our resort property in Amoingon, some of our neighbors inform us, that once in a while in a moonless night they have seen an apparition of a white lady. I have never seen one during our annual six months stay at the beach resort. The white lady is supposed to guard the property from robbers and intruders. I hope this is true.

With regards to the Nono,( they reside in the big trees),even though I really do not believe it, I still say TABI PO NONO (Excuse me Nono,I have to pass by) when passing under the trees and bridges in my property at night. Even my 5 year old grand daughter from Sacramento, has learned of this phrase. We told her of the TABI PO NONO phrase last December, 2007 during our golden wedding anniversary celebration. The funny part is, when they were in Boracay a week later, she said the same phrase while passing a bridge at the Boracay Regency Hotel, where her MOM and Lola were staying. Hurrah to the memory of a 5-year old. Anyway, if you experience or hear of any stories about ghosts, nono and witches, please let me know. Happy Halloween to ALL!

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