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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Professional Career of David B Katague


1951-1955 B.S. in Chemistry, U. of Philippines, Diliman,Q.C., Philippines
1959-1962 M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, U. of Illinois, Chicago, USA
1962-1964 Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, U. of Illinous, Chicago, USA
1977-1980 Masters Certificate in Business Management, U. of California, Berkeley, CA


1955-1958 Instructor in Chemistry, U. of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C.
1959-1962 Teaching Assistant in Chemistry, U. of Illinois, Chicago, USA
1962-1964 Instructor in Chemistry, U. of Illinois, Chicago, USA
1964-1969 Analytical Research Chemist, Chemagro Corp., Kansas City, Missouri
1969-1974 Research Chemists, Shell Development Company, Modesto, California
1974-1986 Principal Research Chemist, Stauffer Chemical Co. Richmond, CA
1986-1990 Senior Research Chemist, Chevron Chemical Company, Richmond, Ca
1990-1996 Review Chemist, FDA/ONDC/Div of Anti-Infective Drugs, Rockville, MD
1997-2002 Chemistry Team Leader, FDA/Center of New Drugs/HFD-520, Silver Spring, MD


Initiated to Rho Chi Phi, Pharmaceutical Honor Society, 1962
Elected to Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Honor Society, 1964
Listed in 12th Edition, American Men and Women of Science, 1972 (page 3184)
Listed in Who's Who in the West, 15th & 21st Editions, 1976 & 1987
Listed in Who's Who in Technology Today, 2nd Edition, 1981 (page 999)
Listed in Experts and Consultants, Chemistry Section,1982 (page 515)
Group Recognition Award, Halofantrine Review Team, FDA, May 1993
Team Excellence Award for Albendazole Review, FDA May, 1997
Commendable Service Award on Botanical Guidance, May, 1997
Commendable Service Award on Guidance in Evaluation of Clinical Studies for Antimicrobial Drug Products, May, 1998
Team Excellence Award for Trovafloxacin/Alatrofloxacin Review, May, 1998


1. Guest Lecturer, Institute of Natural Sciences, U. of the Philippines, January 1986 'sponsored by TOKTEN and United Nations Development Program, New York
2. President, U. of the Philippines Alumni Association, Berkeley Chapter,Berkeley, CA 1988-1990
3. Elected to the USP Committee on Revision,Standard Division,1995-2000 and 2000-2005
Antibiotics and Natural Products Subcommittees
4. Member, Philippine American Academy of Science & Engineering since 1965


1. Analysis of the Volatile Components of Ylang-Ylang Oil by Gas Chromatography.
J. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 52 252(1963)
2. Gas and Thin Layer Chromatographic Analysis of the Volatile Components of Papaya Fruit, J. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 54 891 (1965)
3. Determination of Fenthion Residues in Plant and Animal Tissues by Electron-Capture Gas Chromatography, J. of Agri & Food Chemistry, Vol 14, No.6 (1966)
4. A Gas Chromatographic Method for the Determination of Bayer 37289, its Oxygen Analog and 2,4,5-trichlorophenol in Crops, J. of Agri & Food Chemistry, Vol 14, No.5 (1966)
5. Metabolism of P32 Labeled Dasanit in Cotton Plants, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination & Toxicology, Vol 2 (1967)
6. Gas Chromatographic Method for Residues of Baygon and Metabolites in Plant Tissues. J. of Agri & Food Chemistry, Vol 20, No.6 ( 1972)
7. Characterization and Microdetermination of a Water-Soluble Metabolite from Bladex Herbicide by Conversion to 5,5-dimethyl Hydantoin, J. of Agri & Food Chemistry, Vol 21 No.6 ( 1973)

I have authored more that 250 research reports, FDA submisons and analytical residue methods ( GC, TLC and HPLC) during the last 20 years of my industrial experience in the field of pesticide research, registration and regulation for the following companies: Chemagro Corporation, Shell Development Co., Stauffer Chemical Co and Chevron Chemical Company


Home at last! Home is not a place: it is an attitude and it is in our heart and soul. It is an attitude which depends upon how much we are able to feel at home with ourselves as well as with others. Home is something that happens to a person. Homecoming has less to do with geography than it has to do with a sense of personal integrity or inner wholeness and satisfaction. The most important of all endeavors in life is to come home. The most terrifying fears is loneliness. We wish for home as our first wish; hope for home until our last hope, dream of home with every dreams we form.... Fr. Padavano

The day you really live is the day you have touch the lives of others

Success to me is not wealth or material things such as expensive cars etc...
Success is education, family accomplishments, honors and awards, but most of all is to have loyal friends available in time of need

Where there is God, and love, there must be faith
and where there is faith, there is peace indeed.

Where there is peace, there must be God and where there is God,
there is no need...


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David B Katague said...

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